It all started when...

18th Hour Production's founder, Jason O'Brien, obtained his last 3 college credits while traveling abroad in Japan and Thailand. That's where his love for photography developed. Being exposed to some of the most beautiful scenery and cultures with 24 fellow students provided plenty of opportunities to snap the shutter. Since then, he's discovered how fun video work is too. In 2016, he saw a way to combine his passion for photography and videography with real estate and started 18th Hour Productions to (mainly) cater to the Real Estate sector. However, Jason has a sentimental side and gets great joy out of filming weddings and events where raw emotions can be captured. 

Who we are...





Jason O'Brien / Founder

First and foremost, Jason is a husband and father to two daughters. His hobbies include weightlifting, soccer, hunting, and spending time with friends and family by the pool. He takes cold showers for the health of it (seriously – do the research). He always has a camera nearby to capture the moments that mean that most.